How To Rig / Tie Knotless using wire leader to fishing hooks. Using Angler’s Pal nylon wire 1×7, tie a knotless knot to circle hooks. Example show a double gang hooks. Any types of hooks…
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56 Responses to “How To Rig / Tie Knotless using wire leader to fishing hooks.”

  1. TheSamsrealtor Reply

    My problem now is how to tie to the swivel?
    Thank you buddy

  2. zondasable Reply

    how do i tie it to the main line?????

  3. jason kulesza Reply

    i wanted to catch a shark from my kayak so I need to learn how to tire wire leader but don’t wanna spend alot of money. Thanks.


    great video thanks for sharing.

  5. vinhii syn Reply

    you mad cunt!! thanks!!!

  6. viequesboy01 Reply

    hi what pound test youre using thank you

  7. grtinfo8 Reply

    Hi, @caciano18
    Oh Yes, the tighter the line the tighter the knot. This id the easiest to tie using multiply wire strands. If you used 7X7 wire strands which is mush softer to tie.
    Good luck with your catch.

  8. grtinfo8 Reply

    @caciano18 ,
    Yes , this is the knot you will used.

  9. grtinfo8 Reply

    Hi @trojanshawaii ,
    At the long end wire tag line just create a loop and crimp it with sleeve. Your mail line tie a swivel snap , Snap to the wire loop. Hope this help.

  10. trojanshawaii Reply

    how do i tie it to the main line?????

  11. gyst35 Reply

    Great video. Thnx for sharing!

  12. grtinfo8 Reply

    Yes, this is a commercial type knot. The harder you pull the stronger the knot.
    Easy to tie, example in the video, using 2 hooks.

  13. Jungle John Reply

    this video said nothing at all. not useful

  14. DamageControl1302 Reply

    This provided no specific information what so ever. What size reel, pound test line, least pound leader, what kind of fish can you hope to catch with these rods? Bad vid

  15. Krazy Bob Reply

    I am planning a trip and I wanted to know what sort of fishing rods are used while fishing in the ocean? Because there is no way ordinary lake fishing rods will work. So I would like to know brands, names or any links of where I can find these fishing rods. Also if your fishing with live bait what are the chances of hooking a shark, if a shark is hook what are the precautions you take in order from keeping yourself from harm?

  16. josh12rox Reply

    I’ve been fishing for about 6 hours a day everyday (yes I have a hard time getting out of the house. Not much money to do much of anything). I fish Lobsters at the Fishing Guild. How long would it take for me to get 99 fishing from 84 Fishing?

  17. skillz Reply

    So my friends and I love to fish. We fish on a river about everyday. We never fished at a lake before so we are going tomorrow to lake michigan. We don’t have much money to get a boat so we are fishing off the shore. The only question I have. What type of fishing line is best used to catch those big fish in the lake?

  18. Kobe Reply

    Hi there. I have no experience on fishing what so ever and have never gone fishing before, so I’m a newbie.

    I’ve been thinking about going fishing to save myself a bit of money on food shopping.

    I’m going to buy a telescopic fishing net. Do I need a license to catch fish or does that only apply for fishing rods?

    How much does a fishing licence cost?
    What are the rules and regulations on fishing?

    I’m only planing on catching about 5 fish depending on the size of the fish. I’d never take more then what I could eat.

    I might even get other sea food like crayfish and stuff

    I live in the UK.

  19. Caltel T Reply

    I have not been fishing long and am new to the area. I need somewhere to fish in a river near by. Have only fished still water up until now.

  20. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag Reply

    I’m in charge of a fishing derby and need some fun games for kids to play. Obviously, biggest fish, most fish, casting competition, these things i have, i was wondering if anyone had any good thoughts. Thanks.

  21. Squall Leonhart Reply

    Me and my uncle have decided to go fishing along the shore to catch some fish from the sea. I am doing a bit of research on-line, as I have never fished at all before. What equipment would I need? I am not looking for anything too fancy, yet would want something that would work for me to use as a hobby. As I said I have never been fishing before so if possible, please use ‘simple’ fishing terms as I am new to all this. Any help would be much appreciated – thanks!

  22. davemc74656 Reply

    I have 82 fishing and i fish in the fishing guild.

    I also spend time in fishing 4 hours a day. Could someone please tell me how long it will take for me to get 99 fishing.It will be much appreciated if you could help me. I really need the help!

    Thank you.

  23. Sonny Reply

    I want to buy one and use it for salt water fishing and for fishes that weight 10-20 pounds can it handle them.

  24. ibjammin44 Reply

    Fishing is limited to rainbow trout and brown trout.

    Does that that you can only fish rainbow and brown trout?
    Or does it mean that you cannot fish rainbow and brown trout or maybe you can but not a lot, but you can fish other fish?

  25. Harriet W Reply

    Im looking for a fishing game that is somewhat realistic, currentish kind of make, with alot of different fish, and places to go. i cant seem to find good FUN realistic fishing games. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


    My fiance loves to fish and I want to share this with him. I like fishing too.

  27. Jermaine J Reply

    My wife and I are disabled and are planning a fishing/camping trip.
    We need fishing license’s….

    How much are they??

  28. tjpimpin Reply

    I have been Fishing for 13 years and still have not found a fishing lure that is almost guaranteed to catch a fish.

  29. Thomas A Reply

    I go fishing a lot and I catch lots of fish. How to i know the type of fish i catch?

  30. Rishi Reply

    (Water those fish!!)
    I guess our’s were just a tad too salty today but they sure were good.

  31. The Villain Reply

    I had a 2 Betta fish (not at same time) barely 10 days ago and they both died. Anyways, now i got a black murrel 2day (i THINK tht’s wat its called) its a black fish with lots of fins and the eyes buldge out. Anyways, we had left over betta fish food and we gave our black murrel some of it and it’s actually eating the betta fish food. They are flakes. My mom said tht all fish food is the same. Is this true? Also, any good name ideas?

  32. cardskid22 Reply

    I had a dream about fish.One fish was in the fish tank by itself.Then another fish was added into the fish tank.Then,a lot of baby fish start appearing.What could that mean?

  33. Le Pwner Reply

    red swedish fish 2 be more specific

  34. Jose B Reply

    My fish is floating at the top of the bowl. I gave him a pickle and he ate it. If I put him in the freezer will I be able to revive him? Are pickles and bacon good for fish? he ate it.

  35. Pacman Reply

    When talking about a group of fish.

  36. Xedo Reply

    On star level 4, where do you find Kissing fish essence??

    I can’t find it! Where do you fish for it???
    Explain like you’re talking to a 3 year old!!!

  37. arronwrath Reply

    What does fish + fish = ?

    I believe that fish + fish = 2*fish. But my friend believes that fish + fish = fish.

    Can anyone help resolve this problem.

  38. jordenkotor Reply

    Tank size : length – 26cm
    width – 15cm

    Fish : Peacock fish

  39. PillowMan1234 Reply

    what is the magic fish no.5?

  40. Jeff Reply

    What fish is the Discus fish’s predator?

  41. Coffee t Reply

    anybody know of any good fish farms in South Carolina that you can go to and catch fish, preferably bass?

  42. The Dark Knight Reply

    What is still-fishing?

  43. DuckieM10 Reply

    I just noticed a second ago that my clear transparent fish has one of my other fish inside of it!!I just put him in today and he like ate that fish or something!The fish inside of him seems dead but looks so weird!what the heck happend!?

  44. whites are not the only racists Reply

    enid is what fish in english

  45. Marshal Reply

    im level 85 fishing in runescape
    i just wanted to know what level of fishing i would be when i started making alottt of money and if so what do i fish
    plz and thank myou:)
    feel free to add me btw
    keep in mind i can fish monks

  46. mal_functiongeo Reply

    do you go fishing ?i dont.

  47. borabora5524 Reply

    Pick a name for each one.

    Girl fish#1: Carlie, Emmie, Elsie, Dulcie

    Girl fish#2: Pippa, Poppy, Minka,

    Girl fish#3: Binny, Strawberry, Lottie, Ginger

    Girl fish#4: Koko, Lovely, Sunshine

    Boy fish#1: Giovanni, Sullivan, Peter, Collin, Thomas, Theodore

    Boy fish#2: Bogles, Quincy, Moe, Beau,

    Sorry I know they’re just fish but I’m obsessed with names and this is a chance to name things. ♥

  48. thinkthought Reply

    what do fish in the ocean eat?

  49. Seth Reply

    which is faster and gives good exp?
    Lobster caging, harpooning (with Barb-tail harpoon), or barbarian fishing at lvl 59 fishing?

  50. RuMKilleR Reply

    need info on science project and facts on gold fish cold fish

  51. happyha31 Reply

    i don’t no which fish is doctor fish or pedicure fish so please tell me how i can realize that this fish is doc fish or pedi fish,i want to separate it because i have mixed the fishes in a fish bowl so please tell me….
    if you don’t no what is doctor fish or pedi fish you can even search in google images……
    i have wrote doc fish or pedicure fish that means doctor fish i know that doc fish is pedicure fish ,i have mixed doc fish with a yellow tail fish with some black spots on it ,i don’t no the name of that fish….

  52. Roflcopter Reply

    Where to go fishing near Toronto?

  53. Dr Hank Reply

    I bought 2 Neon tetras and 2 Glo tetras. Are they okay? Is there better fish that can cycle a tank? How long do I have to wait until I can add more fish?
    The fish tank has been running for about 1 week by itself with no fishes in it.

  54. Sergio Reply

    As in….I have a tank with two types of fish in it….I feed them baby brine shrimp today….Fish A seemed to love them…Fish B didn’t know what to do with them, just left them alone.

    Is there any chance after feeding Baby Brine Shrimp a couple times that Fish B will catch on?

  55. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused Reply

    hey guys who have fish can someone please tell me whats fish?

  56. Erin Reply

    Do you like putting fish sticks in your mouth ?

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